18 November 2009

RCP - Guidance on antibiotics is too specialist for most doctors

18 Nov - Existing guidance on the management of some infections may be too long and complex for many doctors to have time to absorb, according to the Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAI) Working Group at the RCP. The group have now produced a handy one-page summary of guidelines to help busy doctors identify what is most important for them in their routine clinical practice. The Effective Antibiotic Prescribing Top Ten Tips aims to help doctors use antibiotics safely while protecting their patients and public health. In order to prevent a rise in drug-resistant bacteria, doctors should prescribe the shortest course of treatment that is likely to be effective and antibiotic policies should be based on local data, in addition to national and international information, to help detect patterns of resistance in bugs. Commenting on the new guidance note, the Chair of the RCP’s HCAI Working Group, Professor Jon Friedland said: “Antibiotics are essential to modern medicine and may be life-saving, but their abuse leads to resistance. Doctors are ideally placed to take the lead on managing infection control promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and ensuring that the understanding of infection and antibiotic prescribing are a mandatory part of training.” © Royal College of Physicians of London

Effective Antibiotic Prescribing Top Ten Tips

11 November 2009

NICE seeks outstanding NHS professionals for its new Fellows and Scholars programme

5 Nov - NICE is launching the new Fellows and Scholars programme, aimed at providing more chances for NHS public health and clinical professionals in England to work with NICE. The new programme will create opportunities for NHS staff to undertake projects and work with the Institute to improve the quality of care within their local health communities. A wide range of staff, including public health and allied health professionals, doctors, nurses, and health service managers, are encouraged to apply. © National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
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