11 October 2013

Open access – why does it matter, and what do you need to know? Wednesday 23 October 2013, 14.00

Open access – why does it matter, and what do you need to know? 
Royal Free Medical Library, 14:00 Wednesday 23 October 2013

Open access is becoming increasingly important. The RCUK has a new open access policy, HEFCE is likely to require open access for future REF submissions, and UCL is now able to fund open access payments for all UCL authors. This session will explain the benefits of open access, outline open access policies that apply to UCL authors, and set out methods of achieving open access for both funded and non-funded authors. It will address the different types of open access, provide practical advice on publishers’ open access options, and point authors to help and support at UCL. The range of services offered by the Library in support of research will also be outlined.

14:00 Introduction: Professor Tony Schapira, Vice-Dean and Campus Director, UCLR
14:15 Catherine Sharp, UCL Open Access Funding Manager
15:00 Support for research: Betsy Anagnostelis, Librarian, Royal Free Medical Library

To book your place, please email rlibrary@ucl.ac.uk