15 September 2015

What's new at the Royal Free Hospital Medical Library

We are pleased to announce that a number of new facilities are now available at the Royal Free Hospital Medical Library:


A new self-service facility using the same RFID technology as other UCL site libraries is now in operation at the Royal Free Hospital Medical Library. The self-service project has been implemented over several months and has involved the installation of a self-service kiosk and new entry gates. The  kiosk is located opposite the Issue Desk and allows items to be conveniently issued, returned and renewed. The process is quick  (it allows multi-item checkout and return)and printed receipts are available to provide a record of transactions and due dates.
If you require a demonstration or have any questions please ask, library staff will be only too happy to help, or you can view an online demonstration.

New study spaces

On the ground floor of the library we have 32 new study spaces. All have an individual desk light, power socket and USB charging points. There's no need to hunt around for somewhere to plug in your laptop or mobile device and no more trailing wires. 


The Training and Electronic Study Area (TESA) on the first floor of the library now has more than 40 new Royal Free PCs. The set up in this room is now similar to that in the basement Elearning Zone. Simply use the switch on the black box on the desk to switch between the NHS PC or the UCL PC. The new NHS PCs are directly on the Royal Free network so have full multimedia capabilities. This means you can now use the TESA to carry out your mandatory elearning (MaST training). Timetables on the doors indicate when the room is available and when it is reserved for training events.

Opening hours

Why not take advantage of our extended opening hours to try out these new facilities? The library is open from 9am - 10pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am - 5pm on Saturdays.

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